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How to Attract Loving Relationships

by Pete Bissonette

When you want to attract loving relationships such as supportive friends or your ideal partner, you must become the person you want to attract.

When you want to improve an existing relationship, you must become your ideal relationship.


When you go into the world with feelings of limitation, you will act in ways to prove you have limitation.  This will show in your relationships.

When you go into the world with positive expectations of abundance, you will act accordingly, giving and receiving more fully. And, yes, this will show in your relationships.

So pull out your Positive Relationships Paraliminal and use Session B. Often.

One of the reasons it works so well is it invites you to think beyond the personality and physical characteristics of the person you imagine.

It helps you determine the highest good for creating this relationship.

This gives your nonconscious mind permission to attract and create this positive relationship in the vision of your ideal.

The remarkable and often dramatic effects people experience with their use of Positive Relationships happen because of subtle and automatic changes in nonverbal behavior.

Connecting with the nonconscious mind produces this subtle change in you. You become more welcoming and loving. How sweet is that!

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