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Abundant Money

by Pete Bissonette

Times when money was scarce and all of the negative ideas from others could have pierced your psyche.

Over time they formed limiting attitudes that became deeply embedded in your neurophysiology, preventing you from having all the money you need.

You became enslaved by money instead of the captain of your financial abundance. Sound familiar?

The Abundant Money Mindset shifts that by eliminating discomfort you have around money. It creates a solid foundation to recognize your own value and worthiness to receive.

Your internal dialogue on money changes. Fears and doubts that show in your life as resistance, hesitation, and self-sabotage shift into confidence in your ability to earn and grow your financial resources.

With this new expanded money consciousness, you step into your life more authentically.

You get the freedom to choose how you build your finances and navigate each day as the captain of your financial abundance.

Begin today by listening to Paul Scheele’s Abundant Money Mindset every day for a week or so, and then periodically thereafter. You may want to listen weekly, monthly, or every few months—just follow your intuition after the first week. You’ll be on your way to your ideal money life.