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Beat the Craving

by Pete Bissonette

Impulses and cravings typically last only 18 minutes.

If you can get through the 18 minutes, you are set, and most any Paraliminal will get you there.

Self-Esteem Supercharger is probably the best. It is easy. The craving disappears. And…you end up feeling great, ready for the rest of your day.

Cravings are powerful forces of desire that zap your personal power and divert energy from whatever you really want to do.

They can be completely illogical or radically reasonable. It does not matter.

Whether a persistent hankering or an extreme hunger, cravings drown out the music of your life.

What are you missing out on when you’re consumed by the desire for sugar, carnal lust, binge TV, nonstop internet, revenge, obsessive thoughts, or the thrill of the chase?

The next time a craving redirects your best intentions, take control, listen to the Self-Esteem Supercharger, and direct your life force the way you want.

Other Paraliminals can help you permanently deal with a craving. These include Ideal Weight, Smoke-Free, Break the Habit, Self-Discipline, and New Option Generator, but to squelch the craving at hand: Self-Esteem Supercharger is ideal.

But remember, nearly every Paraliminal will help you past it.

You’ll find the length of all Paraliminals listed here:  http://www.paraliminal.com/FAQ

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