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The Secret to Change

by Pete Bissonette

Most issues you have in your life and most things you want to change have to do with beliefs you hold unconsciously. Those beliefs drive your life.

If you always show up late, it could be you believe no one will miss you, or it is not really important, or you always get sidetracked.

If you go from one diet to another and cannot stay at your target weight, it could be you believe other desires are more important, or health and well-being are not priorities, or you’ve always been overweight and it is difficult to change.

If you have sleep issues, it could be you believe it is just part of aging, you cannot get a good night’s sleep, or that’s just the way stress shows in your life.

When you can take on a new belief at a very deep level, many behaviors in your life automatically change. It becomes infinitely easier to achieve what you want.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Belief Paraliminal.

Session A helps you identify beliefs that limit your life.

Session B helps you install new beliefs that support your life.

As you use Belief, you’ll see the not-so-good beliefs fall away and new self-enhancing beliefs take over. Behaviors you don’t want will change, and you can get on living the best life possible. That’s the power of your nonconscious. That’s the power of Paraliminals.

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