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Good-bye Self-Sabotage

by Pete Bissonette

I’ve heard clients say again and again, “I do not set out to deliberately obstruct achieving a goal, but something I do or do not do always gets in the way.”

If you recognize yourself in that picture, know you can get to the other side of it by making the Automatic Pilot Paraliminal your friend.

Session A helps you clearly establish a goal, which cuts negative self-talk. It helps you realize the benefits you will receive when you achieve it. It asks you to commit to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

If you are at all unsure or have internal conflict, listen to Session A two or three days in a row. If the conflict does not subside, modify the goal.

Session B wires in the action you must take so you stay on track to your goal. In essence, it switches on your neural circuits of success.

The process Paul Scheele uses on Session B is one of the coolest of all of the Paraliminals. He uses the Fibonacci number series to help your brain “learn how to learn” the actions you need. This mathematical formula has been called “nature’s secret code” and “nature’s universal rule.” Paul applies it to learning actions and behaviors.

You can use Automatic Pilot to consciously switch on the automatic piloting mechanism of your mind. It is perhaps the easiest way to ensure you cross the finish line again and again. It helps eliminate the self-sabotage and negative self-talk that cause most people to quit before accomplishment.

If you want to rise above patterns of disappointment and failure, begin using it today.

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