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Calming Anxiety

by Pete Bissonette

Anxiety reminds us that we are human. It’s a natural, anchoring response we all have but don’t want.

Just writing about it gives me the willies.

Listening to any Paraliminal often calms anxiety right away, but the best, by far, is Anxiety-Free.

This Paraliminal has two sessions. Listening to Session A calms anxiety by transforming it into positive energy.

Session B handles fears about objects or impending events. Objects could be a juicy spider. Impending events could involve losing your job, a faltering relationship, giving a speech, illness, or what have you. It doesn’t matter, because…

Anxiety-Free can help you…

* Feel safer, even in situations that gnaw at you

* See past problems to solutions

* Quiet your mind and allow supportive thoughts to rise up

* Handle what’s in front of you

* Feel happier and on even footing

All you have to do is listen. Just reach for your headphones and press play. Close your eyes. Let calm wash over you.

Typically, one listening to either Session A or B will do the trick. But when you have high anxiety or recurring anxiety, listen daily for a couple of weeks, alternating one side with another.

You can break free from the grip of anxiety and embrace all that is possible for you.

To learn more about Anxiety-Free and all our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.