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High-Potential Mental State

by Pete Bissonette

When your brain requires a high-potential mental state, reach for the Personal Genius Paraliminal.

It is 18 minutes long and kicks in immediately.

It is especially potent for getting into the optimal state for learning … or writing … or anytime you need the juices flowing.

* Your mental performance is best in a relaxed state of alertness.

* It is the worst when distracted, negative, suspicious, or agitated. That simply shuts off your brain’s full potential.

Use Personal Genius regularly, and you will soon find yourself entering this flow state instantly and immediately by simply imagining the feeling you get when listening.

That’s right: imagine the feeling and instantly be in the state for high-potential mental functioning.

That’s a perk of regular usage. That the power of the nonconscious mind when you condition it using the Paraliminals.

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