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How to Use Nighttime Dreams

by Pete Bissonette

I am a robust dreamer.

As a kid I learned the multiplication tables in my nighttime dreams.

As an adult I dramatically improved my skiing skills in my dreams so much that friends thought I took lessons.

In my dreams I have also… “Activated” books I had PhotoRead… Imagined complete chapters when writing my novel… Worked through countless problems from the office… Created complex marketing campaigns… Met people before I met them in real life… Designed a unique 10,000-square-foot labyrinth that I ended up building near my home… On and on… All while sleeping.

I even dreamt of my father’s death three nights before he died (and he wasn’t sick or expected to pass). I hadn’t remembered the dream until the funeral, so it was not a dream of prognostication. Rather it helped me work through my emotions.

How can you use your dreams to make your life better?

Listen to the Dream Play Paraliminal before bed to program your mind for that night’s dreaming.

Consistent use will help train your nonconscious mind to respond to your request to dream, so your success will grow. It will also help you remember your dreams.

You don’t always need to remember your dreams to benefit from them. For example, initially I had not remembered the dream about my dad, but I certainly benefited from it.

If you use Dream Play regularly, you will dream more, remember more, and benefit more. And soon you will be dreaming without using the Paraliminal.

These days I seldom request something from my dreams. I simply expect my nonconscious mind to use dreams as necessary to benefit me. I trust that I will dream, I allow the dreams, and I benefit from the dreams.

This has come from years of working with my dreams. Your first step is to use Dream Play for specific items in your life right now. Keep using it and you’ll find the dreams to be one of the most valuable resources in your life.

Dream away!

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