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Presenting: You!

by Pete Bissonette

Do you have to present yourself to the world?

Do you have ideas you need to share?

Listen to the Sales Leap Paraliminal. That’s right. This extremely versatile Paraliminal can be useful whenever you need to express yourself, because, in essence, you are selling your ideas, and you want people to respond to you in a particular way.

Whether it be speaking, writing, acting, dancing, or performing any endeavor, Sales Leap instills a continuous improvement strategy so that every time you perform you get better and better.

For example, let’s say you need to speak to an audience, which is a huge challenge for most people.

When you use Sales Leap, it will help remove the barriers to effective self-expression.

It will help separate the components of speaking and communicating into small, manageable chunks. It lets you focus on enhancing individual pieces of your public speaking to bring out your personal best.

The fear automatically dissipates, because you know you can do any component of your presentation effectively.

Your self-confidence and capacity grow, almost without your knowing how it is happening.

There are three simple steps to use Sales Leap in applications beyond selling products or services.

  1. Consider a behavior, an attitude or emotion, or the knowledge that will help you perform better.
  2. Think of a situation in the near future when you will be needing to express yourself. Who else will be there? Will you be on the phone or in person? Will you be writing, speaking, or performing in some other way?
  3. What will it mean to you when you achieve your performance goal? Think of the benefits of your success. This helps your brain identify the evidence you will use to prove you have reached your destination.

I’ve used Sales Leap when I led introductory sessions for PhotoReading back in the 1990s. I’ve used Sales Leap to get really good at radio and television interviews. I continue to use Sales Leap to improve my writing.

What can you use Sales Leap for?

Go ahead and use it today…but only if you want to be the best you possibly can.

To learn more about Sales Leap and all our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.