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Making bad choices?

by Pete Bissonette

So often we know what to do, but we still make lousy choices that fly in the face of our own best interests.

* We have health issues, and we eat greasy fried food.

* We have major repairs to do on the house, but we work on hobbies instead.

* We know there are projects we can do at work to increase our value to the company, but we take the easy way out.

* We know we shouldn’t drink and drive, but we always stretch it with one more drink.

Okay…we know we are making bad choices. How do we act differently?

Use the New Action Generator.

Dr. Paul Scheele created it specifically for those who take the easy way out.

If this is you, make this Paraliminal your friend.

Session A of New Action Generator brings you clarity on which choices and actions support your highest good, and Session B helps you make these choices and take those actions.

Life is too short to keep making bad choices, especially when such a useful tool is available to you right now. Paraliminals work with your nonconscious mind to make it easier to create the changes you want.

One of the secrets of the New Action Generator is it helps you stay focused on the rewards. These “wins” reinforce your confidence and motivate you to make choices and take actions that bring you profound benefit.

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