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Is Money Scarce?

by Pete Bissonette

Unconscious beliefs about scarcity lead to… scarcity.

Releasing those beliefs gives rise to prosperity.

But how do you do that?

We recommend listening to the Soul of Money Paraliminal first thing in the morning, because it works with your nonconscious mind to set an abundant mindset as a replacement for one of scarcity and lack.

If that is all you did, you’ll notice shifts right away. But if you follow the listening by making gratitude the theme of every opportunity, interaction, and situation you engage in, the shifts will be greater, and momentum will take over.

You stop reinforcing scarcity.

You reinforce abundance.

And because what you appreciate appreciates, the energy that represents the essence of money, the soul purpose of money, is an energy that can expand the good for which it was created. Goodbye scarcity.

Begin by listening to Soul of Money every morning for a week. It is only 21 minutes, so it takes very little time. And then listen to it on a regular basis until all your patterns shift.

To learn more about the Soul of Money and all our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.