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Recognize the Value of Your Memories

by Paul Scheele

Memories—good and bad—guide us throughout our lives, often because they remain unresolved.

When revisiting Paris 46 years after my first adventure in that glorious city, I stood in the presence of things I’d seen as a child.

I wondered at the magnificent Eiffel Tower, enjoyed the Louvre’s bronze sculpture of Hercules fighting the serpent, and gazed in awe at the Arc de Triomphe commemorating Napoleon’s imperial victories.

What was so amazing is that there I was suddenly having a physical realization of my youthful experience, remembering it all from my child’s mind, but as an adult. That mindful awareness gave me a sense of complete resolve and a wonderful feeling of peace and perspective.

You can achieve that same sense of calm and completion even when you stand in witness to troubling childhood memories.

With any past experience the mind tends to send us information that reinforces the experience, without questioning. The memory, just below the surface, can influence the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves today—even the level of our happiness.

However, when you come to rest upon a memory from your adult perspective, you can consciously embrace it, learn from it, and release it, expanding your energy as you let it go.

The process is included in our Happy for No Reason Paraliminal with Marci Shimoff.

You can do a similar exercise right now.

Pick any childhood memory that continues to crop up in your life today, something that remains unresolved. As you relax and close your eyes, relive the memory. Notice how you feel. Are you anxious or fearful? Does your body feel tense or tight?

Now, stand in the presence of this memory today from your adult perspective. Witness it. Embrace any mistakes made, then celebrate the courage it took to survive the experience. Bless the memory. Appreciate how the experience helped you become who you are today.

As you gain your new perspective of this memory, sense the resolve and calm enveloping you, the inner peace that is your true, natural state.

To connect to your personal power and turn joy and peace into frequent experiences in your life, I recommend you listen to the Happy for No Reason Paraliminal. Simply push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen. This closed-eye process activates your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words to help you get the most out of every minute.

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