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Giving a Presentation with Ease

by Pete Bissonette

You have the capacity to speak with ease and effectiveness, no matter the situation.

Don’t believe me? Here’s how:

When you need to express your ideas clearly and confidently, you just have to get your nonconscious resources online.

Use the Talking to Win Paraliminal. It can help you with giving a speech, making a presentation, delivering a eulogy, doing a performance review, or confronting someone during a difficult conversation.

If an event is coming up quickly, listen to Session A one or two times in advance. If it’s an important event, also try to listen the evening before as well as a couple of hours before.

And moments before, bring up the positive feelings you experienced when listening to Session A. Perhaps, take a few minutes to close your eyes and visualize yourself demonstrating all the positive thoughts, feelings, and actions of your desired goal. Know everything will be just fine.

When an event is not imminent, and you have more time, review the guidebook that comes with Talking to Win. It will help you with the best ways to use Session A and Session B, depending on your situation.

Talking to Win is a powerful, highly effective, and immediately practical tool. It was created by Paul Scheele along with Tom McCarthy, who has spent decades creating and testing peak performance strategies.

Use it and you’ll discover within yourself an amazing capacity for communicating with others.

To learn more about Talking to Win and all of our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.