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Creating Miracles

by Pete Bissonette

Miracles are made of wonder.

You feel you’ve beaten the odds, like when surviving an illness or finding your life partner. Or when landing that dream job, winning a contest, or finding the perfect home at the perfect price.

Have you ever noticed that some people have more miracles in their lives than others? It’s as if slot machines ring when they walk by.

The good news is you can turn yourself into one of those people.

When you look closely at those people, you can notice certain attributes in their ways of being, such as:

  • Being resilient
  • Living in the present
  • Being courageous
  • Taking action
  • Being abundant-minded
  • Collaborating with supportive people
  • Practicing forgiveness

Those are all attributes you can definitely take on yourself, and when you do, miracles will happen more often in your life.

Using the Miracle Mindset Paraliminal, helps expand your capacity for creating miraculous results, because you cultivate one of those attributes each time you listen to the session.

We recommend listening daily for a few weeks, and when you do, something interesting will begin happening…

You will not be experiencing more miracles, but people around you will disagree. You see, they will see miracles, but what you will see are the fruits of building a strong miracle mindset.

We all have amazing capabilities, and Paraliminals help bring them to the forefront of your life.

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