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How to Be Happy

by Pete Bissonette


Figure out how to be happy from within.

Outer happiness tied to money, possessions, relationships, health, accomplishments… cannot be guaranteed.

Happiness generated from within can endure no matter what is happening around you.

We call that “happy for no reason.”

And, that’s the name of the Paraliminal you should have in your rotation of often-used Paraliminals until you are happy most of the time.

I say, listen first thing every Sunday morning. It is the perfect way to begin the week. Mark it in your calendar now, and by the end of the year you will be markedly happier all week long.

Listening to Happy for No Reason helps you develop habits that spontaneously and automatically bring you greater happiness in every area of your life—no matter how sucky things might appear.

It helps to uncover a natural state of peace and well-being. We all have it. But it’s just been buried as a result of circumstances in our lives.

Uncovering it—rediscovering it—immediately builds a strong inner home for happiness that lasts.

Paraliminals are amazing in how they effortlessly work with your nonconscious mind. But only when you use them. You have to take time, press play, close your eyes, and let go. That’s it! Magic happens. And with the 23-minute Happy for No Reason Paraliminal, happiness happens.

I listened to it this morning. It’s your turn.

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