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Using Your Internal GPS

by Pete Bissonette

Your body and mind are great instruments of sensing. They are like an “internal GPS” or inner guidance mechanism that is tuned to your purpose.

Hold your destination in mind and you will be led to the clues the universe is always leaving for you.

Follow up with confident and courageous daily actions. Just knowing about the clues is not enough. You need to be in action.

Using the Finding Treasure Paraliminal activates a positive expectancy for you to fulfill your intentions such as finding the means to own a new car, the solution to a challenging problem, more satisfaction in your relationships, or fulfilling the promise of a new day.

I would listen daily for a week or so to condition yourself to both be aware of the signals from the universe and take action with persistence and tenacity.

Once you consciously establish your intention or goal, it is the power of your nonconscious resources that helps you find the best ways to attain it.

Again, be sure to act upon the opportunities so that prosperity, happiness, and all forms of treasure show in your day-to-day life.

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