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Poor Habits of Thinking

by Pete Bissonette

Are you frustrated by a goal?

It could be because of poor habits of thinking.

The way we think leads to the results we produce.

Poor habits of thinking lead to not-so-good results.

Using the Power Thinking Paraliminal by Paul Scheele and Bob Proctor can give you the shift you need for breakthrough results. It can pull you out of an unproductive pattern of thinking and get you into one that will help you achieve your objectives.

Perhaps your habits of thought are indeed serving your current aspirations. But does your thinking go far enough?

Another thing to consider is that new goals can require new habits of thinking. Sometimes the current pattern does not serve the new goal.

This is one of those Paraliminals to use on a regular basis for a tune-up. And, when you need a powerful shift, listen daily for a week. Power Thinking will elicit the appropriate thoughts, responses, and actions to help you achieve your intentions.

You have built-in tremendous power of mind with amazing tools of perception, memory, focus, intuition, imagination, emotion, and reason. Power Thinking helps you open yourself to limitless possibilities—possibilities that lead to greater well-being and abundance.

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