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Triggered by Nasty People?

by Pete Bissonette

When what other people say or do bugs you or triggers equally nasty thoughts or behaviors in you, reach for the New Option Generator Paraliminal.

It will give your brain a new way to respond—whether it’s an internet troll, misguided politician, self-centered family member, or lazy co-worker. I’m sure someone immediately comes to mind from that small list.

Never ever let what someone else says or does keep you from enjoying a happy and joyous life. Never let someone cause contraction within you. Keep your personal power.

Begin with Session A of the New Option Generator. It is only 20 minutes. Paul Scheele will ask you to identify the issue that keeps you stuck.

You can be very specific such as, “How I feel when I hear what Troy says about me behind my back.”

Or you can be general such as, “How I feel when people write things about me that are not true” or “How I feel when my co-workers don’t follow through on their commitments.”

There’s a lot of flexibility here. There isn’t a right way or wrong way. Follow your intuition.

Then after at least a 20-minute break listen to Session B. Consider listening to Session A before bed and Session B in the morning.

If you notice the issue isn’t completely resolved within a day or two, listen to the two sessions again but with slightly different answers to Paul’s question.

If this is a typical challenge for you with a variety of people, there is another Paraliminal to add into the mix. Consider listening to the Self-Esteem Supercharger Paraliminal daily for a few weeks and then periodically after that to give you unshakeable self-confidence.

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