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Hacking the Law of Attraction

by Pete Bissonette

1) Think of what you want to attract. What is your goal?

2) Which category of energy best covers it?

Physical energy including greater health, well-being, and using your body.

Emotional energy including greater peace, joy, and love along with supportive and balanced emotions.

Mental energy including mental prowess, success, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

3) Think of a person who models the energetic vibration you would like to experience. Choose someone who has a higher level of energetic vibration than you currently experience.

It may be someone you know or a person you’ve only seen, heard, or read about. Consider someone who has already accomplished what you want. If you want to be a published writer, consider a model who is a writer of the caliber you desire.

Since you attract what is similar in vibration, select the best model you can imagine.

4) Listen to Paul Scheele and Jack Canfield’s Living the Law of Attraction Paraliminal.

This Paraliminal helps you increase your vibration to match the energy of what you want to attract.

Since most goals involve physical, emotional, and mental energy, consider listening to the Paraliminal once for each category of energy. Consider spreading the listening sessions out over a week.

This really isn’t a hack, because you are fully authorized and able to raise your vibration at any time. It’s simply a shortcut to getting what you want.

The mind is simply amazing. Tap into its power using your Paraliminals.

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