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Peak Performance

by Pete Bissonette

On a scale of 1 through 10, where are you on this continuum when it comes to one of your goals?:

1 =Complete Lack of Motivation 10 = Peak Performance

What number would you select for yourself as it relates to that goal?

Now the big question: Why did you choose a number so high and not lower?

As you consider your answer, you begin to see all the resources and the strengths you already possess that helped you get this far. This makes it easier to see which behaviors would move you one step up on that scale, one step closer to achieving your goal.

That’s the path to peak performance.

Then add in the Peak Performance Paraliminal to incite deep motivation from within, which unlocks the ability to reach higher levels of achievement and satisfaction.

No matter your goal, where you simply are not performing the best you can, immediately begin using Peak Performance. It has two sessions. Session A fires up your motivation, and Session B turns on a roaring, sustaining passion to excel.

This converts any pressure you feel into action, and you rise to your personal best.

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