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Follow Rules or Passion?

by Pete Bissonette

Following rules gets you the greater success in schools. But following your passion gets you the greatest success in life. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Schools reward perfection. They require playing it safe and following rules.

Careers reward courage. They require taking risks and following passion.

If you want more success, play with letting go of any perfectionist tendencies. Get outside of your comfort zone and be open to new possibilities—that’s being courageous.

Yes, you may feel a bit of fear, but you’ll routinely take on bigger challenges and surpass your limits.

The Miracle Mindset Paraliminal helps you develop courage. It helps you understand you are stronger than you think.

Do you shy away from a difficult challenge—or embrace it? Does a failure set you back for good—or motivate and propel you forward? Does a trauma or loss drain and crumble you—or strengthen your resilience?

As you use this Paraliminal you develop a miracle mindset that helps you step up to every goal and meet any challenge with confidence, courage, and unyielding strength.

It helps you experience the grace and abundance of each unfolding moment.

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