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Be an American Idol

by Pete Bissonette

A few years ago I heard from two of our clients who called us the “American Idol” of transformation.

At first I thought it was because we find extraordinary mentors who create breakthrough programs with us.

But that’s not it.

It’s because we help make your dreams come true. Just like on the American Idol TV series, which I absolutely love.  (There is something about people stepping out for what they want that really gets me excited.)

We all have dreams of who we want to be in our lives, what we want to do, what we want to get, and all we want to have. It’s the being, doing, getting, and having of our ideal lives.

What keeps us from living our dreams? Sometimes it is a belief or a misplaced emotion or an unrefined skill or some resistance somewhere. But we keep moving forward. I know that has been the case these past 30 years for Paul Scheele and me since we introduced the first Paraliminal.

It was a dream for ourselves and a dream for all we touched, and we are thrilled to have been able to create the programs that help you reach for—and achieve—your dreams.

And the dream-reachingly-best Paraliminal is Prosperity. It was one of the first. It helps you attract what you most sincerely want for yourself whether it is a dream career, snazzy wardrobe, zippy car, beautiful home, or the love that flutters in your heart.

It asks you three questions:

  1. In what area of your life would you like more abundance? (In other words, where is your dream?!)
  2. What specifically would you like? (In other words, get crystal clear on what you want!)
  3. If you could have it now, would you accept it? (In other words, is it something you want with your whole heart and soul?)

That’s it. Enjoy the 20-minute journey, and allow the magic to happen. You’re making your dreams come true. And we’re delighted to have been part of it. Listen to your Prosperity Paraliminal today.


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