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Erasing Guilt, Shame, and Regret

by Pete Bissonette

A client confided in me about the guilt, shame, and regret that haunted him from his teenage years.

It related to extreme dysfunction in his family and poor choices he made.

I suggested the New History Generator, Session A, because it would loosen the binds. It would help him release unresolved emotional issues.

About a year later he called back saying the New History Generator had profound effects on his emotional life. He completely shifted how he felt about the past.

And, there were two unexpected consequences.

First, he began eating better and lost a lot of weight.

Second, his allergies completely disappeared.

Apparently, his eating and allergies were tied to the burden he held knotted within. Interesting, isn’t it.

Are unresolved issues from the past mucking up your emotional life and biting at your body?

Use the New History Generator to free your present from problems of the past. Let it give flexibility to you on a nonconscious level. Let it bring in expansive qualities that breathe away emotional and physical issues.

It is easy for our minds and bodies to be trash bins of our lives, but it is even easier to flush them away with Paraliminals. Keep your life flowing.

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Are you open to the changes that will make your life better? If so, the Paraliminals are here for you.