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How to Get Rich

by Pete Bissonette

First, be very clear about your intentions and goals. A variety of our courses can help with this as well as information in the booklets that come with the Paraliminals.

Second, use Paraliminals to support your intentions and goals following this strategy:

1) Make a list of everything that may be keeping you from achieving your intentions and goals. These could be negative emotions, behaviors, habits, attitudes, and beliefs. Don’t judge yourself, just write it all down knowing you’re heading in the right direction.

2) Make a list of everything that will help you achieve your intentions and goals. These could be supportive emotions, behaviors, habits, attitudes, and beliefs as well as new skills, resources, relationships, and ideas.

3) For each item on each list, note the Paraliminal(s) that would be most useful. For instance, Belief if you need to replace beliefs… Financial Security if you need to control your spending… Get Around To It to deal with procrastination… New Behavior Generator  to acquire new behaviors… Self-Esteem Supercharger to build self-confidence… Sales Leap to better present your ideas…

4) Set up a listening schedule to systematically go through all of the Paraliminal sessions from #3. The booklets that come with each Paraliminal indicate how often to use that Paraliminal. Don’t feel you have to rush. Inch by inch, everything is a cinch.

Here’s a free monthly calendar you can print out for your notes.

5) Use the Paraliminals, and be patient with yourself. Notice all indications you are moving toward your goals. Remember, you’ll see quick results with some Paraliminals and subtle results with others. It all depends on your personal situation.

Good luck, have fun, enjoy the journey, and again…be patient. You may face challenges, but you don’t have to struggle. With the support and direction you receive from using Paraliminals, you can achieve your intentions and goals.

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