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Lowering Blood Pressure

by Pete Bissonette

The easiest way to lower your blood pressure is to listen to a Paraliminal every day.

Many scientific studies have shown that three or four months of daily meditation lowers the upper blood pressure number (systolic) 4 to 10 points (or mm Hg)—that can be significant. Since using Paraliminals can get you similar results as doing meditation, try it to see what happens for you.

You can buy a blood pressure cuff to measure your own blood pressure from Amazon for $30. They are very easy to use.

Take your blood pressure before listening to a Paraliminal, and write it down. Then use the Paraliminal—any Paraliminal. Take your blood pressure again, and write it down. Do this for three months and notice how your beginning blood pressure reading has dropped over the three months. (If you miss a day or two, don’t fret about it, but try to do it daily.)

Consider using the Perfect Health or Recover & Reenergize Paraliminals.  Deep Relaxation, 10-Minute Supercharger, Overcoming Overwhelm and Ideal Weight would be good choices, too.



Not only could it reduce the need for blood pressure medication, but also for statins, which are used in treating high cholesterol. The recent recommendations for statins factor in blood pressure.

I measured my blood pressure every day for a month last April. My average pre-Paraliminal was a very healthy 98/62.  (The upper number normal range is 80 to 120—mine was 98; the lower number normal range is 60 to 80—mine was 62.) My average blood pressure after using a Paraliminal was 94/62.  One of the reasons I have great pre-Paraliminal readings is that I’ve been listening to Paraliminals since 1988.

What does this mean?  Listening to Paraliminals can have a marked effect on your health—in addition to all the other wonderful things you can accomplish when stimulating your nonconscious mind with the inner mind strategies of the Paraliminals. They are absolutely amazing.

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