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Getting older?

by Pete Bissonette

I’m surprised at how many of my friends are acting and looking older.

It’s almost as if they’re playing the part of an old person.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being old. Heck, I turned 60 a couple of years ago, and I’m no young ‘un. I certainly love all the benefits that come from the experiences of life. It is immensely satisfying to embrace the wisdom.

As I age, I’m living a life of youthful vitality. I’m not taking age as a slow march to death, and neither should you.

We can all carry forward the traits of youth that will serve us long into the future such as energy, curiosity, humor, optimism, emotional flexibility, and vitality, ensuring a spring in our step.

What’s the best way? The Youthful Vitality Paraliminal.

Paul Scheele and I created it twenty-five years ago primarily for ourselves. We knew it would come in handy.

How about you? Are you ready for it? Do you have an area of your life where you feel stiff in your behaviors, cynical in your opinions, rigid in your beliefs, or fixed in your attitudes?

All you need to bring to the listening session is your willingness to remain open-minded and your choice to be free.

I strongly suggest you use it on a regular basis, and more often when you’re feeling old.

It will direct your nonconscious mind in ways you want, and it will help you be conscious about the choices you’re making today. A side benefit will be more peace and joy, with less fear and concern, at every age.

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