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Dissipating Mean-Spiritedness

by Pete Bissonette

When you are mean-spirited to other people, you are automatically mean-spirited toward yourself.

And vice versa.

It’s a wheel that spins both ways simultaneously. And it cannot get you anywhere.

When you find yourself throwing spears of meanness (to yourself or anyone), listen to any Paraliminal.

They are all designed to help you experience your infinite potential.

You cannot be contractive and nasty when you are expanding into the fullness of your being.

When you see others being mean-spirited, it doesn’t give you a free pass to be mean-spirited. If anything, it signals an opportunity to send them love, kindness, and forgiveness.

That, too, is a wheel that spins both ways simultaneously, because when you send others love, kindness, and forgiveness, you automatically send it to yourself.

It’s how the universe works.

When you use a Paraliminal to experience your infinite potential, you are radiating that possibility to everyone.

Listen to Self-Esteem Supercharger, and radiate self-esteem to everyone.
Listen to Abundant Money Mindset, and radiate abundance to everyone.
Listen to Gratitude, and radiate gratitude to everyone.

Live to your higher self, and help others live to their higher selves. Just possibly, the mean-spiritedness making its rounds will dissipate.