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Making a sore body feel great

by Pete Bissonette

Autumn. Sore bodies are aplenty.

Whether it comes from working in the yard or hiking a state park, Monday mornings can be a pain.

The easy solution is to listen to Recover & Reenergize Sunday night, and your body will feel great Monday morning.

I live out in the country, and my yard work consists of moving boulders, hauling wood, and full-on manual labor. It is much different from writing letters to you during the week. My autumn Sunday nights are a cold beer and Recover & Reenergize.

Listening to that Paraliminal does a superb job of directing your nonconscious mind to help your body gain energy, begin healing, and recover more quickly.

We first created this Paraliminal for marathon runners. We would tell them to listen within a couple of hours after they finish and then daily for a week. And boy did that make a difference.

Your body is a workhorse of a vehicle for your journey through life. Much more amazing than a Tesla. Treat it well. Listen to Recover & Reenergize whenever you push your body to its limits.

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