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“Uncertain about your future?”

by Pete Bissonette

We’ve all been there. Not quite sure about the future.

What should you do? Is the path you’re on right for you? Is the goal the one you should aim for? Should you reconsider?

This is one of the beautiful uses of the New History Generator, which has countless applications. It is one of those Paraliminals that will surprise you at every turn.

Before listening, consider these questions as they relate to your future:

* If there is an experience that limits you or a negative emotion from your history that gets in your way, what would it be?

* How would you like to feel instead?

* What would you be able to achieve with this new positive emotion in your life?

Then notice what you learn. Notice what thoughts, ideas, and feelings come over you in the next couple of days. This process will lead to your certainty.

At some point read through the booklet that comes with your New History Generator, because it describes the myriad of ways to use this uber powerful Paraliminal.

When it comes to using the full resources of your nonconscious mind, this is one of the gems. It lets you explore the paths of your life.

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