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Put More Zest in Your Life

by Pete Bissonette

Spring is the season of boundless renewal, yet for many people it can be downright exhausting.

The seasonal transition can be physically challenging, and growing daylight hours can lead to increasing demands on your time and energy. There’s spring-cleaning to do… yard work to tackle… Little League games to schedule… graduations to attend… summer outings to plan…

It can make you feel like you have no more energy to give.

In all the busyness you can lose sight of who you really are and what you’re here to do. When you ignore or limit your natural talents, you deplete your energy and find yourself struggling just to get things done.

Realize your natural talents are sources of untapped renewable potential. Learning to act on them brings continual renewal and rejuvenation.

You can discover—or rediscover—your talents and life purpose through the simple act of reflection. Try this exercise, a variation on the “Soul of Flowers” exercise from our Boundless Renewal course:

  • Set aside time to ask yourself thought-provoking questions such as, “What is missing in my life?” or “Who do I want to become?” or “How can I express my creativity?”
  • Let nature be your guide. Sit outdoors in silence gazing at a budding tree or your favorite flowers in bloom, ask your question, and reflect for several minutes or more.
  • Write down all your thoughts, feelings, and impressions in a journal. Free associate. Refrain from editing yourself. There are no rules, no rights or wrongs about what you write.
  • Repeat the process over a few days or weeks, then return to your notes and look for common themes, phrases, images, and impressions. Reflect on the insights, trusting the answers will emerge.

When  you strive for greater clarity about who you are and what is important to you,  your natural energy automatically soars. Let the primary focus and meaning of  your life propel you forward and restore vitality and zest to your life!