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Reduce Resistance and Reap the Benefits

by Pete Bissonette

A friend planted a new garden of sunflowers one spring. Boy, have they grown beautifully, reaching tall into the sky with yellow flowers a good foot across, following the sun each day as it travels the sky.

The sunflowers grew so tall that they blocked his satellite dish, and he no longer gets reception – which makes it much easier to resist the allure of the tube!

Have you ever done something for yourself and received similar unintended benefits?

We hear it all of the time here at Learning Strategies:

“I learned PhotoReading and lost 20 pounds.”

“I listened to Get Around To It to reduce my procrastination, and all of a sudden I noticed that I had dropped my cigarette smoking by a pack a day.”

“I used Genius Code, and my relationship with my partner improved.”

You see, when you reduce resistance in some part of your life to get the energy flowing stronger and freer, it flows stronger and freer throughout your entire life!

That’s why it is always a good idea to write a long letter to yourself just before embarking on a journey with a new course. Describe exactly what is going on in your life.

Where are you doing swimmingly well? Where do you have resistance? What in your life would you like to get rid of? What are your main goals? What do you need to get in order to accomplish your goals? Where do you want improvement? How are your relationships, your health, and your spiritual life?

Then sign the letter and date it. Seal it in an envelope, and mark on the outside of the envelope to open it in one year. Put it someplace where you will see it in a year. Or mark your calendar.

Read your letter a year later, and notice where the resistance melted and how much better your life has become! This will boost your confidence immeasurably and give you more motivation to dive into the next course…or even revisit a course you’ve done in the past.

You need to write your letter, because so often the changes are so gradual that you might not notice them unless you remember what your life was like before you started the new course.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be personally using a series of the Paraliminals from The Ultimate You Library. (Yes, the tools we create for you are something we use too!) I will write out my own letter. I hope you will join me.