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What is “Future Mapping”?

by Pete Bissonette

A brand new method to lead you to your ideal future has been found in Japan, and it is called Future Mapping.

Here’s what achieving goals has looked like in the past:

Here’s what achieving goals using the Future Mapping method looks like today:

As if you are drawn into a whole new world, the reality that surrounds you begins to change.

You know how well Paul Scheele (who now has a doctorate in Leadership & Change) has mastered the laws of success. He has generated numerous programs that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands. His breakthroughs have included PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, Genius Code, and, of course, the Paraliminals.

Over the past three years Paul has been studying a new method created in Japan that reverses existing ideas on the goal achievement. Because it is far more advanced than current methods, it should be called…

“A method to create reality”

  • Future Mapping has been used to generate entrepreneurial ideas. Two days after a Future Mapping session, one student was traveling and met their entrepreneurial partner. A week later, he was transferred to a different office at work and took it as an opportunity to quit his job. He said, “I cannot believe how smoothly I was able to launch my new business.”
  • Another used Future Mapping to think about a new human resource structure. Once he was able to reveal fundamental issues in the system, the project, that was stagnant for three years, was completed in three weeks.
  • A businessman used Future Mapping to increase sales at his company. Three weeks later, he had a request to present a lecture in front of 800 people. This marked the beginning of a series of lectures and without much effort, he was able to increase his sales.

How can such practical outcomes be achieved?

The developer is Masanori Kanda, a bestselling author who has sold over 2.5 million books in Japan. When the PhotoReading book was published in Japan with Masanori as Paul Scheele’s co-author, it became the bestselling business book of the year selling almost two hundred thousand copies in the first two months.

Masanori is fluent in PhotoReading, Genius Code, and other methods. Over 38,000 people have taken his PhotoReading courses in Japan. Many of them have been mega-successful, including television stars, authors, and top executives. Nobody in the world has taught PhotoReading to more people than Masanori’s team.

Through his business trainings, Masanori analyzed what went well and what did not go well with 4,000 managers and entrepreneurs over a 10-year period.

The thought processes of successful cases were boiled down to a chart, which gave birth to Future Mapping. In other words, Future Mapping is based on re-creation of thought patterns that can generate an outcome in a short time.

Masanori and Paul both believe that Future Mapping will accelerate the speed of learning for anyone who has learned the methods developed by Paul. In other words, Future Mapping gives you a new tool for turning any goal into reality including goals of genius you may have through our other programs.

How can such a big change happen?

The film, Inception, is attainable!

Have you seen the popular film, Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

DiCaprio’s character inserts himself into another person’s dream to change the person’s behavior in real life. Once you learn Future Mapping, this film is no longer fiction. You will have a surprising experience that the process of attaining your objective through Future Mapping is the story of Inception itself.

Let me explain the mechanism of Future Mapping.

Mechanism of Future Mapping

Future Mapping involves a map with six areas as shown above, to create an action scenario to achieve your goal. On the horizontal axis, time is divided into three periods. On the vertical axis, the shift from negative reality to positive reality is indicated. On this map, you can draw a clear action scenario to achieve your goal.

Future Mapping is different from other methods of goal attainment in two ways

First is that you draw out both conscious and subconscious thoughts on one map. As you can see, it is a curvy line with ups and downs that divides the map into two. Below the curvy line is the area of subconscious where you draw an imaginary “story.” Above the curvy line is the area of conscious where you draw realistic “action scenarios.”

As you know, in order to achieve your goal smoothly, you must subconsciously accept the achievement.

You can only do so much with your conscious mind.

When you go on a diet, you may understand the importance of eating the right foods and exercising. But if your subconscious cannot accept your image as a healthy and attractive person, you end up gaining the weight back.

Just like in the film Inception, through Future Mapping, you will engage yourself in the world of a dream that ultimately works to achieve your goal.

By scripting a story, you can work with your subconscious mind. This is how you can think outside of the box and come up with ideas that are not restricted by your past experiences.

Simultaneously, you can change your existing self-image and create a new one that will easily achieve your goal. By connecting imaginary events under the curvy line to realistic behaviors above the line, you can rewrite your subconscious to structure a strong behavioral scenario that will achieve your goal. Limiting beliefs and other problems are taken out of the equation!

The second way Future Mapping is different from other methods of goal attainment involves “altruism,” which is an “unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.” Masanori’s studies have shown that altruism is the largest resource for self-change.

It is an essential power that everyone has.
When released, you can change reality at your own will.

Earlier I explained that you would first draw a story under the curvy line on a Future Map.

This is where the special power of changing reality resides.

You are asked to draw a story with a happy ending with someone other than you as the central character. The story does not have to be consciously related to your goal.

When you do this, you can gather power that is beyond your imagination. The secret to attaining your own dream is to draw a story that will make someone else happy.

How can a “story that will make someone else happy” give you the power to achieve your own dream?


You cannot see yourself without using a mirror. The “story that will make someone else happy” in Future Mapping works as the mirror that will reflect your mind, especially the genius capabilities of your mind.

This someone-else-in-the-mirror shows you your own hidden resources that are critical to accomplish your task.

Put another way: you access immense resources – not because you are working toward a goal that will benefit you – but because you are working toward the goal of making someone else happy. Your own self-interest and all of the baggage that comes with it is out of the equation!

Tapping into the power of altruism is the difference that makes the difference. It’s the wand that opens the secret chamber.

This is why once you draw your Future Map, you don’t have to work hard to achieve your goal. Your exciting behaviors will generate your new self that is satisfied.

In Buddhism, acting based on your wish for someone else’s happiness is called “altruism,” and is considered to be the smoothest path to reach a spiritual awakening.

Future Mapping activates your altruism.

When this power – that everyone innately has – is released, unimagined reality takes place. This reality is how the events drawn in the map and reality will match up and you will observe synchronicity.

This is something that surprises everyone who experiences the process of Future Mapping.

Let me introduce you to a few of these surprising stories

For five years after their first child, a couple was not successful in having a baby. The husband, who is a school teacher, drew a Future Map and planned to make a yet-to-be-conceived baby happy. A month later they were pregnant.

A factory manager realized through Future Mapping that connecting “unconnected memories” would be the key to expanding his business abroad. After realizing that it had something to do with his deceased grandfather, he contacted his uncle late one night even though they had long been out of touch. As they talked about his grandfather’s involvement in a war, it all became clear and he chose to no longer worry about his business expansion.

The morning after, as if to confirm it was the right choice, the Malaysian government made an offer for a test construction for a large assignment for infrastructure.

In another story, a high school student helped an acquaintance draw a Future Map. On the map, she made an imaginary story in which “her company will disappear” in three months. In reality, her company then fired all of its employees as it restructured itself. The imaginary story came true!

When you draw a Future Map you will see synchronicity in which imagination and reality match

The film, Inception, depicted the mechanism of changing reality by digging down into one’s inner consciousness and revising stories at a deep level. The same can start to happen when you draw a Future Map.

The fact that stories are extremely effective in reaching the deeper inner self is evident from the fact that literature is indispensable in personal growth. You also know this if you ever listened carefully to what is being said in the left channel of one of Paul’s Paraliminals—it’s a story! The best way to work with your inner mind.

Masanori Kanda and Paul Scheele are teaching one Future Mapping seminar together
in November, and you are welcome to attend

Come with a goal or a problem, and take the 2-1/2 day seminar. You will create a three-week Future Map for the problem. This means that three weeks later your outcome will be generated—and if you are not completely satisfied, you can exercise your 30-day, money-back guarantee.

In Japan, Future Mapping has been adopted by employees of top companies including Toyota, Sony, and Softbank.  It is part of leadership training for government officials. Furthermore, an increasing number of industries that require empathy such as hotels, aesthetic salons, and healthcare areas have adopted this method.

Click here for more information about the seminar and to enroll.

You will learn:

* The intricacy and problem solving method

* How to extract your own resource that is necessary to achieve your goal

* 5 steps of Future Mapping

* How to easily make a story

* How to connect the story to reality

* Applications of Future Mapping

* What to do when you have a problem with someone you do not like

* How to generate an idea from scratch

* How to regain lost confidence

* How to solve a problem for someone else

* How to use Future Mapping in a meeting

* How to use Future Mapping when you write

* How to create a business plan

* How to realize when there is subconscious resistance to change

Future Mapping opens the door to your own possibility …and evolution of human beings

Paul Scheele says, “Future Mapping will revolutionize the common understanding about the flow of time and the mechanism of the world. This is a skill that will be useful for the rest of your life. It will not only widen your possibilities in life but also expand the possibility of human beings.”

Once you learn this mechanism of imagination turning into reality, what kind of story would you draw?

Hope to see you at the seminar. I will be there right along with you.