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Turn Walking Into Learning

by Paul Scheele

Did you know that by altering the way you walk, you can build a powerful body/mind connection which leads to an ideal state for learning?

By simply following a specific breathing pattern and walking in a certain manner, whether through the park, around the neighborhood, or even running errands – you will become aware of how your body is functioning, what is in sync and what needs correction.

With our brand-new Walkabouts, you can turn walking into learning. It is a breakthrough that we are thrilled to introduce.

You will engage your whole mind to accelerate learning and achievement, and at the same time engage nearly every muscle group and joint in the body. It’s fun, easy, and super effective!

You will find your walking movements will change in every area of your life including going to the grocery store, catching a plane, walking down the aisle at church or in a theater, and carrying laundry. Health benefits will follow you anywhere!

We are overjoyed to present the Walkabouts. It must be tried first hand!

-Paul Scheele