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Living the Law of Attraction

by Paul Scheele

As you experience life each day, ask these questions. How can I get better at living my life today? How can I express greater joy, greater personal power, and creativity?

Learning to attract successful people who already do what you want to do is extremely beneficial. When you interact with these people, you develop the same positive qualities quickly, deeply, and naturally.

This is one way of living the Law of Attraction.

Successful people are models of dynamic self-expression and intention.  They demonstrate profound joy and gratitude through the sound of their voices, the movement of their bodies, the power and grace of their gestures.

As creative thinkers and innovators, these spirited leaders represent new forms of expression, expansion, and service. They experience high levels of health, joy, creativity, and self-expression with an expansive and high-vibrational energy. Also, they know how to identify, experience, and release depressed states of stagnation, illness, and inflexibility.

All of us experience both expansive and contracted energy states. The important thing to remember as you learn to align with the Law of Attraction is that you possess two important feedback systems to help discern when you are contracted and when you are expansive.

Using Internal Feedback

You effectively manage your energy levels by paying close attention to your “internal guidance system.”

Your emotions are an important feedback system that shows up as a visceral response in your body. Your body generates clues to your current vibrational state of contraction or expansion. In a state of contraction, you feel depressed, stressed, fearful, lonely, or angry. Physical feelings of contraction take you off course and away from your highest good. When you pay attention to your emotions and your body, you can switch gears, improve your thoughts, and change your vibration. As a result, you feel joyful, peaceful, and happy. You are in a state of expansion.

From this place of expansion, you automatically create a vibrational match for the experiences and opportunities you want to attract. You effortlessly manifest your goals and experience a profound level of joy, gratitude, and love.

Using External Feedback

In addition to internal signals, you also receive external feedback in the form of messages from the universe that tell you whether or not you are on the right track and in alignment with your true desires.

This feedback consists of the subtle and not-so-subtle signals from people, situations, and events in your life. For instance, you know when things seem to effortlessly go your way, when everything just “clicks” for you. You feel supported in your actions, clear about your direction, and grateful for your experiences. This external feedback communicates that you are on track with your intentions.

There may be times, however, when you meet resistance at every turn, when no matter how hard you try nothing seems to go your way. This is the universe signaling the need for a course correction. Listening to this external feedback can help you quickly reevaluate your attitudes, thoughts, and actions to get you back on track.

Listen carefully to both your internal and external feedback systems. They will guide you to create in harmony with the Law of Attraction.

For support, listen to the Living the Law of Attraction Paraliminal that I created with Jack Canfield. This Paraliminal is also part of our Effortless Success: Living the Law of Attraction personal learning course.

-Paul Scheele