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Turn anxiety into energy

by Paul Scheele

The American Psychological Association says 80% of us have reported heightened stress about economic security.  No kidding!

The good news is that it is fairly easy to get this stress and anxiety under control.

Anxieties are always about future events or situations where your brain wants to avoid the physical or emotional discomfort of possible future negative consequences. Anxieties are generally not about danger in the present moment.

A certain level of anxiety can be useful, helping you take swift action when needed. It can be a great internal warning system. But, many people use their imagination to turn anxious energy into stifling, debilitating fear. Left unchecked, such fear can control you.

But you needn’t let that happen. Follow these steps from our Anxiety-Free Paraliminal to turn your anxiety into personal strength and power:

1)      Consider your current situation and level of anxiety. On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate it? A range of 4 to 7 is manageable and can serve you well as you redirect this energy. Think of anxiety as energy flowing through your nervous system. Feelings of anxiety are similar to feelings of excitement—the difference is in our attitude toward it.

2)      Imagine what you could do to physically, mentally, and emotionally turn your anxiety into excitement. Visualize your desired outcome so you feel it with all your senses. When you use your imagination well, you fill your body and mind with power and confidence, dramatically increasing the likelihood of your success.

3)      Take action. Do one thing today to help you take control. Even one small step or task will lead to a greater sense of security about your current situation and leave you breathing easier.

It may help to remember something Einstein said: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Change your feelings of anxiety to feelings of excitement and you’ll get your stress under control.

Anxiety-Free is one of the seven Paraliminals featured during the Ultimate You Mindfest.

Here’s a note we received last week from our client, Shobhan Smash:

“Yes, the Paraliminals always work. I gave Anxiety-Free to a teen who was having horrible anxiety attacks with huge symptoms and they were gone within two weeks!  Huge! I love Paraliminals ………..they work! Thank you.”

– Paul Scheele