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Listen to your body signals & lose weight

by Paul Scheele

Weight problems are associated with inadequate discrimination of body signals.

Without clear body communications, weight problems become compounded when you eat in an attempt to cope with stress and nutritional imbalances. Years of dysfunctional coping with poor eating choices can become a your preferred eating habits.

Fortunately, you can create a new relationship between yourself and food that can help you maintain healthy eating habits and achieve weight loss that is permanent.

Certain foods create health and energy while other foods can zap your body of energy and decrease your metabolism. Paying close attention to how your body responds to both kinds is key.

If you want to get off the rollercoaster of dieting — forever — take time to reconnect with your inner nature and listen to what your body is telling you.

Begin each day by imaging the ideal relationship you desire between your mind, body, and food. Imagine your meals and the choices you will make to eat healthy foods in proper quantities to fulfill your energy needs.

Before each meal, quiet your mind and attune your body for digestion. Be open to receive the signals that it uses to guide you to good health. Chew your food slowly, deliberately, and quit willingly when you’ve had enough.

At night as you go to sleep, pause to reflect on your day. What foods supported you? What foods worked against you? How did you feel 20 minutes after eating various foods?

Contemplate what you’ll do differently tomorrow. This will help increase your awareness of your true nature and help you lose weight.

The Ideal Weight Paraliminal will help you pay attention to your body signals.

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– Paul Scheele