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How to use the Memory Supercharger Paraliminal to strengthen your memory

by Pete Bissonette

Your capacity to remember is infinite. By relaxing and trusting your inner mind, you can efficiently use your naturally vast memory. When you try to force yourself to remember, you block or repress the very thing you want.

The Memory Supercharger Paraliminal helps you use your mind to properly request information from your brain, release common anxieties and negative thinking that block recall, and open the doors to greater access of your brain’s amazing capacity to remember.

The session takes you to a quiet scene within. The voice speaking to the right ear uses a teaching metaphor describing how to allow information to rise to the surface of a wellspring. This story instructs the brain to request information and patiently await the proper realization of any memory you choose.

Listen to this 18-minute session before you go to bed after study sessions or intense periods of learning new material.

Also listen the night before, and the morning of, important tests, presentations, meetings, and reunions—any time you will need to rely on your memory.

If you have had a history of doubting your memory skills, long-term effects of listening to the Memory Supercharger may appear more dramatic while short-term improvements may feel subtle.  If you experience anxiety about memory problems related to aging, you will benefit most by releasing your concerns and focusing on what you can do today to improve your memory skills.

In demanding situations it can be useful to think back on the relaxing feeling you get from listening to the Memory Supercharger. Remembering the feeling of relaxation will spontaneously re-access the same relaxed state of mind and body. Relaxing always helps release your inner mind to respond automatically to the information you need.

I listen to the Memory Supercharger once or twice a year now—whenever I feel that my memory might be slipping, and I immediately find myself back with a great memory.

If you haven’t used a Paraliminal, you ought to try them. They are superb tools to help your inner mind learn new strategies for responding to what’s going on in your life.  Although they are reasonably priced, you’ll get the best deal when you purchase the Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals.