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Depression & borderline personality disorder story

by Pete Bissonette

Here’s a touching story that Marci Shimoff received from someone using her course, Happy for No Reason. 

Hi Marci,

I wanted to say “Thank You”. Several years ago I purchased your program “Happy for No Reason.” I bought it for my daughter who was struggling with depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. Unfortunately she was not ready for it back then and did not want Mom finding solutions for her.

Last summer I had a 12 hour road trip to make by myself and was looking for something to listen to on the drive. I spotted your program and decided to take it along. Wow, it made me happy, made me cry, and gave me hope.
Things did not get any better for my daughter, in fact they got worse – statistics showed that she had presented herself at the hospital 49 times in one year. Nine of them were overdoses (on her medication or 130 Tylenol), eleven were suicide intervention – and the list goes on.

About a month or so ago I said to her “I really want to do this workbook and go through the course (this time listening to the meditations).” She agreed to try the first CD and then the second and now we have completed the fifth.  

Marci – the change in her has been awesome, unbelievable, and wonderful.  

She has not tried to harm herself in 12 weeks.  Positive things are coming her way. She is full of life and there is a light in her eyes again. She has totally embraced the program. So many people are noticing and asking her what she is doing.
THANK YOU so very much.