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Creating positive new results

by Paul Scheele

Anything less than high self-esteem is a distortion of who you are: a person of infinite worth. Your self-esteem may have been shaped by mistaken judgments you have accepted from yourself or others.

Creating positive new results in your life is easier when you value and recognize the magnificent gifts you have as a human being. By increasing your awareness of your own true nature, you become more capable of producing the positive results you desire.

At any moment in time you might relate to yourself either positively or negatively. You have the choice. With Self-Esteem Supercharger Paraliminal you will reinforce your ability to make the positive choice. You can be high on yourself, thinking about your successes and strengths as a unique and powerful human being. As a result you will be increasingly more aware and capable of achieving the goals you desire.

In this session, which you can experience during the free online Ultimate You Mindfest event coming up on January 20, you get in touch with feelings of high self-worth and project magnificence into the world. This is the opposite of creating a self-image.

Self-image is an attempt to compare yourself to others in order to decide how you feel about yourself.

The listening session begins with a monologue filled with commands to your inner mind. Phrases intended to guide you into a relaxed and open state include words carefully marked out with unique voice tones. These include strong suggestions such as “feel good, at peace with self,” “you accept your self,” and “feel adequate, feel worthwhile.” Because they are embedded in longer paragraphs, the conscious mind does not hear those commands.

After a countdown from five to one, you are invited to imagine two mirrors in front of you. One shows a distorted image based upon negative programming, false conditioning, and distorted concepts. The other reflects a brilliant, clear, focused, pure image of your true potential and represents full self-acceptance. You realize you daily choose how you see yourself and how you feel toward yourself. You learn that feeling high self-esteem is important and it is okay for you to feel good about who you are as you grow in awareness of your true nature.

Best Ways to Use

When you are under the negative influences of other people, situations, or your own self-talk, listen to this recording. You’ll feel better immediately and will be able to get on with your life in a powerful way.

Listen to Self-Esteem Supercharger daily for a couple of weeks. Your willpower, determination, and stamina will improve. You’ll face life’s challenges with a positive belief in yourself. You’ll bounce back easier and quicker. You’ll find that things don’t phase you like they used to.

Listen before personal sporting events, important meetings, family time, tests, and so on. You’ll feel more at ease, confident, self-assured, and relaxed. You’ll truly discover how great life can be.

The path to a goal can be filled with obstacles. Every day you can find examples of people who have already achieved what you want. When you get bummed out and need a boost, the Self-Esteem Supercharger brings you up from the inside. It finds the core of your magnificence and gives it a good buffing, so you get back on track shining with natural brilliance.

At the beginning of a project, there is a romantic swell of energy. Everything looks like springtime and smells like roses. As the difficult work grinds on, it is easy to get caught in a winter of discontent. Finding the inner power to carry on for the duration, passing over the summit, and crossing the finish line require an extraordinary faith in oneself. The Self-Esteem Supercharger puts you into direct contact with the self-trust and faith you need to keep on keeping on. Find within yourself the drive to finish the journey and receive the rewards of accomplishment.

When you ever have a gloomy outlook on the day or feel “just plain yucky” without really knowing why, this session is the one to grab. After listening, go into your day with a positive expectation of success. At the end of your day, notice how well the day went. Compare the day to the way such days used to go in the past. You will quickly realize how different life can be when you believe in yourself.