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The power of beliefs

by Paul Scheele

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief that comes to pass.

Beliefs establish your automatic seeing, thinking, feeling, and behaving, and in turn, determine the results you create.  Strengthening your beliefs about your abilities is key in getting the most from life.

Beliefs about what you are capable of accomplishing take hold in your life through a series of three significant emotional events.

The first significant emotional event, the initial sensitizing event, alerted your brain and nervous system that you need to find a way to survive or cope with a challenging situation. In that situation, your choice may or may not have been successful at helping you.

The behavior producing event was the second time you encountered the same challenge. You tested a response that actually worked to handle the situation. It reduced the stress of the circumstance in some way that may have worked well then but may be inappropriate now—even dysfunctional.

The third time you encountered the same challenge, the belief intensifying event, set your new pattern of seeing, thinking, and feeling as the behavior of choice in similar situations. In the case of self-limiting or self-defeating beliefs, these thoughts, feelings, and actions ended up creating the very results you now want to avoid.

The Belief Paraliminal (Session A)  takes you on a journey back through time to rewrite the meaning of those early emotional and behavioral learning events from the wisdom of your current perspective. In the process, you identify personal strengths that become resources for your success. Then on Session B you install those resources as the basis for an improved set of positive and life-enhancing patterns of thinking and feeling.

Examples of self-limiting beliefs that folks often choose to change include:

* inadequacy in career as a worker or in education as a learner

* inability to attract or maintain healthy relationships

* incapacity in handling complicated life issues such as parenthood, home ownership, business, disease, and finances

* dysfunction of any kind including physical, intellectual, or emotional

* lack of coping mechanisms

I will help you deal with beliefs you may have on Day 3 of the the upcoming free online festival called Ultimate You Mindfest: Self-Growth for Busy People. You’ll have the opportunity to use the Belief Paraliminal at no charge during the Ultimate You Mindfest, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of this free, limited time resource.