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The secret to getting things done

by Pete Bissonette

Studies show that people who are motivated by results are more likely to succeed than those who are motivated by activities.

The motivation to achieve a desired result helps overcome any unpleasant tasks that may have to be performed.

This forms the basis of Day 1 of the upcoming free online festival called Ultimate You Mindfest: Self-Growth for Busy People. It is also at the foundation of the Get Around To It Paraliminal that is part the first day’s program.

Have you ever avoided high-priority tasks because they were unpleasant? Many people turn to easier low-priority activities. Procrastinating on important tasks is a choice that almost always lowers productivity.

Don’t make the mistake of labeling yourself a “procrastinator.” That unfairly robs you of the power to choose differently. Many people live with the label rather than addressing the cause.

What can you do?  When you are putting off a task, take a couple of minutes to focus inward. Understand the goal behind the task.  What is the big pay-off for you? Every task, no matter how mundane, can be followed upward to a great benefit.

If the immediate goal behind the task isn’t sexy, what is the goal that triggered that goal? Keep looking at the reasons for the goals until you come to the real reason you want to get the task done.

See that pay-off. Feel it. Hear it. Imagine it fully. And you’ll get the task done, almost effortlessly. Do this process often enough and you’ll find procrastination to be a thing of the past.

Be forewarned: you may end up jettisoning a task now and then when you realize it is not connected to your goals and priorities. That’s fine. Don’t just do things willy nilly or because someone says you should. Know why you are doing them. Be conscious about your life.