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Jazz anyone?

by Pete Bissonette

Have you ever wanted to record an album, write a book, make a movie, have your painting hang in a prestigious gallery…or anything involving your unrestrained creativity?

Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync (which is on our Paraliminals), just released a jazz album.  You could say that Centerpointe is an expression his creativity, but it is undeniable that Bill is a multidimensional human being, one who lives his talk, and lives what his heart desires.

If you like jazz, get his album. If you want your aspirations to be fulfilled, get his album. Let it be an anthem for you.

On top of it, his album, Inside Out is good!

Inside Out has made the “Top Adds” (five most added jazz albums) section of the CMJ Jazz Chart, Issue 1239 to be published in CMJ’s New Music Report Magazine

Inside Out debuted at #27 on the Top 40 CMJ Jazz Chart (Issue 1240 of CMJ’s New Music Report Magazine.)

In Issue 1241 of CMJ New Music Report Magazine, Inside Out moved up to #22 on the jazz chart.

It’s been playing almost nonstop in my home since I ordered the album on iTunes. You can also get it on Amazon.

Bill also created a Paraliminal with Paul Scheele called Fresh Start.