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How feelings awaken abundance

by Paul Scheele

Throughout the Abundance for Life course, we break trances to raise the energetic level of your body/mind and free the abundance of energy you have had locked down in self-limiting beliefs. This energy is the abundant wealth that is yours to express in the world, to use in creating the life you choose.

One of the ways we do this is by becoming aware of feelings.

The Feeling Exercise from the course was first published by Arnold Patent in his book, You Can Have It All. Arnold tested many exercises for opening the energy within us, and he found that this exercise, by far and away, constituted the most effective, reliable means to awakening the power and abundance that is who we are.

In his words “The Feeling Exercise is one of the simplest and most direct methods of reclaiming our power.” For us, the effect of this exercise is foundational to this course, which is why we consistently check in with our present feeling state throughout the course.

The essential energy flowing through us is the same substance that is the one substance of the known universe—an ever-expanding expression of limitless abundance, power and joy. In our human expression we use thought and feeling energy to form the life we live. When we choose to, we can witness the free flow of thoughts in the mind and the free flow of feelings in the body—experiencing our natural state of joyfulness and expanding the expression that we came here to be on earth.

As color is a vibration of light waves giving richness to our visual experience, feelings in the body are vibrations of energy that give richness to the physical experience. Colors are what they are. There is no objective standard by which one is more beautiful or better than another. Varieties of color provide contrasts.

The same is true for feelings. Every feeling has a location in the body, intensity, and dimension to it. For example, a high intensity feeling of a small size is the sensation in the tip of your finger lets you know a sliver just pierced your skin. A medium intensity feeling throughout the midline of the body focused in the pit of your stomach accompanied by heart palpitations and cold sweaty hands may help you get ready to ask someone out on a date. Without labels like “pain” or “anxiety,” they are energy. Contrasts of feelings create a rich human experience.

We interfere with the free flow of energy through us when we link thoughts with feelings by labeling, describing, defining, interpreting or judging them.

It is natural for us to name things. When we learn, we link thinking and feeling together. We learn to keep our hands off of a hot stove this way. Every belief we form links thinking and feeling. The combination of thinking and feeling we call our emotional state.

In its own way every belief and labeled feeling or emotion disrupts the free flow of energy. Labeling is not good or bad; it is a natural phenomenon of the human nervous system. No feeling is better than another. Except, when we describe one as positive or negative, we stop or distort the flow of energy through us. When we take away the label, we are left with the pure vibration of energy. Unless thinking intervenes, every feeling links us to the deepest joyful expression of energy that is who we are.

To demonstrate the power of mind over matter, I was asked to walk on a pit of burning coals for a national science show on public television. The process is one of taking the labels off the feelings and allowing the energy to flow freely. The result is that the body takes care of itself and doesn’t burn. By the same token, a person stepping onto a bed of coals measured at 1170 degrees could very well need to be hospitalized with third degree burns. My mother was a physical therapist during World War II. She gave me all kinds of thoughts associated with burning. Can a thought or label create a physical effect? Absolutely. Taking the labels away, the energy can have a different effect on the physical body.

Early in my career when I used hypnosis to help someone in surgery or childbirth, the person experienced sensations. Without the negative labels, my clients noticed sensations with their mind without disrupting the free flow or creating trauma or distress in the physical or emotional experience.

What are you feeling now?

– Paul Scheele

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