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“Dear Learning Strategies”

by Pete Bissonette

Dear Learning Strategies,

I would like to thank you for being so fantastically great!

Your vision and mission is truly commendable and effective. 

I love that you combine so many areas of learning and life to a beautiful symphony of growth and expansion.

I have been fortunate to participate in the PhotoReading Seminar in April this year. This experience was one of the greatest of my life, I learned a completely new way of understanding information processing.

The combination of healing, Feng Shui, personal development along with events seminars and products, complement one another so well.

In the future I look forward to being a part the Learning Strategies Family, benefitting from the products, events, vision and people.

Because the people are the best part Learning Strategies, their ability to teach and teach effectively is what brings Learning Strategies into a class of its own.  And they are also fun to travel with on this learning experience we call life, because they really do care about every individual they meet.

I am impressed and grateful. 

All the best to everyone at Learning Strategies.

Thank you,



Elliot’s right. Our employees, instructors, mentors, and masters have their hearts in our mission to help you maximize your potential… to get great at living life.

He also acknowledged something else that we consciously created over the years that you might not realize: we have for you a family of programs that all play together. They work in concert with each other, designed—no matter what order you experience them—to help you make great progress to your goals while living a happy and rewarding life. 


(Posted on September 19, 2011)