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Paraliminals for Self-Discipline

by Pete Bissonette

Our new Self-Discipline Paraliminal is ideal to build more self-discipline in your life. Several other Paraliminals can also be quite supportive:

  • Get Around to It, to overcome the procrastination you can experience when the goal seems beyond your capabilities.
  • New Behavior Generator, to instill the successful behaviors of those you admire.
  • New History Generator, to bring insight to memories of hurtful past events that may be hampering your progress toward your goal, so that your history can support your positive movement forward.
  • Automatic Pilot, to eliminate self-sabotage and wire in behaviors and actions.

I love the Paraliminals because they are so simple to use. Push play, close your eyes, answer a couple of purpose questions to yourself, and let go. Paul Scheele will then guide your inner mind to learn new strategies for responding to what’s going on in your world.

In the last three decades I haven’t come across anything as effective as the Paraliminals.