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Expand your sixth energy center for greater intuition

by Paul Scheele

You may find the “Energy Centers” meditation in Jeddah Mali’s Seeds of Enlightenment helpful in building your intuitive abilities. Jeddah Mali teaches how the body accesses the full spectrum of awareness through the major energy centers, including the sixth center in the middle of the head. This energy center is connected to our creativity, imagination, and inner sight.

The “Developing Inner Knowing” meditation in our Abundance for Life personal learning course can also help you use the energy of this center more effectively. In particular, it helps you identify cores issues, concerns, or fears that may be preventing your intuition from developing more fully.

Even taking just a few minutes to meditate on the sixth center before listening to the Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal can be beneficial. Simply relax your body, close your eyes, and breath evenly and deeply while noticing in your mind’s eye the quality of the indigo light emanating from this energy center. Allow the highest flow of energy possible to move through this area. Feel the sense of spaciousness expand and how your ability to perceive is enhanced.

Paul Scheele

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