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Trust and surrender for greater intuition

by Paul Scheele

Many people ignore their intuition because they don’t trust it. Tapping into your authentic source of guidance requires both surrender and trust. To more fully integrate these qualities into your being, consider listening to Jeddah Mali’s “Trust and Surrender” experiential meditation and teaching from our Seeds of Enlightenment program.

Jeddah explains how to build trust through its five elements: openness—to be expansive and open to all possibilities; willingness—to take steps to change your current thinking; courage—to move beyond what you previously thought possible; surety—the certainty that everything is okay, even in the absence of proof; and safety—which results only when you trust implicitly. Sometimes working with these smaller steps can be more helpful than attempting a big leap directly into trust.

Jeddah also teaches about the two key elements of surrender: letting go of imaginary boundaries and anything holding you back, and allowing in greater flow, clarity, and understanding. Combined, they provide an unassailable access point to conscious awareness in the present moment.

Her session fits beautifully with my Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal.

Paul Scheele

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