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Understand what makes you tick to gain more self-discipline

by Paul Scheele

Although you may not be aware of it, you naturally possess what you need to achieve what you want.

Observe your own practices for clues to your resources and strengths. Especially notice instances when self-discipline flows for you. Allow those times to teach you how to make your self-discipline more easeful, pleasant, and effective.

To help you notice more specifically, ask yourself:

  • What time of day is self-discipline easiest for me?
  • What locations and environments nourish my self-discipline?
  • What level of distraction strengthens my focus and practice? Is my self-discipline enhanced by silence and solitude? Or, by a certain kind of music? Or, by a certain level of hustle and bustle around me?
  • Who energizes my self-discipline? It could be people you met in person or through the Internet Or, perhaps your self-discipline is re-ignited through the energy of people whose stories you’ve encountered. Is there a coach, mentor, or peer who could help inspire your practice?

Then ask yourself, How can I make these things part of my days more often?

Of course, you will find great value in using my Self-Discipline Paraliminal.

Paul Scheele

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