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Replenish your energy as you sleep

by Paul Scheele

When you experience periods of low energy, listen to the “Sleep Deeply” session of the new Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed Paraliminal until you feel restored. Be willing to listen for a couple weeks. The relaxing and rejuvenating session will work with your body’s natural functions to produce the desired restorative effect.

There are deep reservoirs of energy within us that allow us to adapt to the circumstances we encounter each day. These reservoirs of energy are replenished by our behaviors, thinking, and feeling during our waking hours, and in our sleeping hours during dreaming and dreamless sleep.

Our physical energy arises out of good nutrition, physical activity, exercise, and restful sleep. Our emotional and spiritual energy is fed by the heartfelt connections we have with others in our world and with nature. This is supported in our deep dreamless sleep when we reconnect to a deeper source of the collective consciousness and to the infinite.

Our mental energy is replenished by our interactions with others, in conversation and study of ideas that excite and intrigue us, and by the ability of the mind to integrate new information and release whatever is not important during our dreamtime.


P.S. – This summer we released four brand new Paraliminals: Abundant Money Mindset, Intuition Amplifier, Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed, and Self-Discipline.  We set up a special page where you can order all four for the price of three. Look for them here.