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Waking in the night

by Paul Scheele

Occasionally, too much salty food, too many liquids before bedtime, or dehydration from too much alcohol may cause you to get up in the night to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. When going back to sleep, use autosuggestion to tell yourself, “As I return to sleep, I will rest deeply, receiving the equivalent of eight hours of sleep in the time remaining. And when I awaken, I will be fully refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling wonderful.”

If you have difficulty falling back to sleep, listening to “Sleep Deeply” of my new Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed Paraliminal will help you. If you ever remain awake in bed, you can simply allow your body to remain still, relaxing deeply with your eyes closed. As you relax physically and mentally, you gain the deep rest your body and mind need. Eliminate any negative self-talk such as “It’s 2 a.m.! I’m never getting back to sleep. I’ll be exhausted all day!” By projecting a negative state into the future, you raise the level of adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones disruptive to the body’s ability to sleep. Remaining physically relaxed and mentally calm will give you the benefits you need.

Consider also listening to Deirdre Hade’s five-minute Bedtime meditation from our Pure Energy program to help you fall back asleep. This meditation helps clear your energy field of negativities from your day and will help you relax from the mind chatter that woke you.

People sometimes have “false awakenings.” When you think you have awoken in the middle of the night, you may only be dreaming you are awake. To find out if you are dreaming, look at a digital clock. If you are dreaming, it might say 29:04. Or, if you turn your head away and turn back, the clock will be an altogether different time. When you realize you are only dreaming, any stress will diminish and you can fall asleep in your dream.


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